Look Great on Vacation Using these Skincare Travel Tips

Look Great on Vacation Using these Skincare Travel Tips


The summer travel season is just ahead and many of us will soon hop a flight or hit the road to destinations far and wide. Deciding what to take along can be a challenge, especially if you’re a spontaneous traveler and love to just wander. Others plan each day’s events well in advance which makes packing easier. Whatever your travel style, NOSI Skincare is here with tips to keep your skin looking great in any climate. If you’re planning a big trip this summer, like me, keep reading to look great on vacation using these skincare travel tips.

Facial Sprays and Essential Oils Lavender essential oil keeps you calm on a stressful journey. Whether you’re traveling by air or by car, you’re probably going to face dry, recirculated air for a long period of time. This can wreak havoc on any complexion, regardless of how well you take care of your skin while at home. Make sure you pack a small travel bag that you can carry on a plane or take along in the car. Inside the bag, pack a facial mist, like rosewater. Spritz this over your face regularly to stay hydrated on your journey. Another thing to include is some essential oils like lavender to help keep you calm. Simply drop a little essential oil onto a scarf or pashmina, then use it around your neck to keep warm or position it as a pillow when you get sleepy. Frankincense is another essential oil that’s perfect for travel. Not only does it alleviate dry skin due to sunburn and windburn, but it also helps with headaches, stress, and help support the immune system. Who wants to get sick on vacation?

Be on Your Best Behavior

Dried fruit and raw nuts are a healthy snack that's easily packed into a carry-on. While you’re in flight or a long car ride, it’s best to avoid salty snacks. The salt will pull moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and tight. Along with salty snacks, skip caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee as well as cocktails, wine and beer. Beverages with caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and will have the same impact on your skin as salt. Smart snacking includes trail mix, dried fruit and cut raw vegetables like baby carrots and celery sticks. Get creative with the celery by stuffing them with peanut butter or herbed boursin cheese. These will keep you hydrated and feeling full. As for beverages, my go to will always be water, and plenty of it.

A Little Slice of Home

Pack your own pillowcase and avoid irritation caused by chemical detergents! I’ve stayed at all kinds of hotels. From little bed and breakfast places to luxury resorts and one thing I have learned, they all wash their sheets and pillowcases in some sort of chemical detergent. They need the strength of the chemicals to sterilize the materials so they are safe for all guests. Unfortunately, those chemicals can irritate sensitive skin. That’s why I always pack my own pillowcase. It takes no room in my suitcase and one of the first things I do when I arrive at my hotel is to swap it out or just pull it over the hotel’s pillow, case and all! Another item I like to take along is witch hazel. It has potent anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, which may be useful in treating a variety of conditions ranging from acne to scalp sensitivity. Best of all, it protects against sun damage and relieves skin irritation. Pack a small bottle in your travel bag. You may not need it, but if you do, you will be glad you did! Vitamin C is the Secret Weapon! No matter how tired you are when you finally get to your destination, never go to sleep without taking off your makeup first. I’ve talked about this before in my blog How to Look Radiant Throughout the Holiday Season. Removing your makeup before sleeping the night before is vitally important to looking your best the next day. An easy way to do this is with makeup remover pads. You can find them in soft-sided pouches that are totally packable. You don’t even need water! Once my skin is clean, I go for products rich in vitamin C. NOSI Skincare’s Citrus Soothing Moisturizer is perfect anytime and especially when traveling. This is a daily moisturizer that contains Tangerine and tomato oil to fortify skin and prevent water loss. This adds volume to your skin and reduces tiny lines and wrinkles. The result . . . a younger looking you!

Traveling can be stressful for everyone and the dry conditions on planes and cars can have us arriving at our destination with skin looking tired and dull. But you can prevent that and look great on vacation using these skincare travel tips. If you pack smart and snack smart you will be the best looking one in your Instagram posts! At NOSI Skincare we are always finding ways to help you look and feel your best. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and are always here to discuss this or any skincare topic. Chat me up! And if you see me out on the road this summer, don’t be a stranger! Happy Trails!

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