Skincare Services for Cancer Patients

Throughout my life I’ve had two passions, to help others and to further my education. I’ve been fortunate because the field of aesthetics and running my own skincare company, NOSI Skincare, give me the chance to pursue both my passions every day. Helping others to look their best and feel more confident is my life’s work. I’m proud to announce that I just completed my training in oncology aesthetics. The specialty-training I have allows me to provide professional skincare services to cancer patients while they are undergoing treatments, therapies, or post cancer recovery. Cancer is challenging on so many levels and often-times patients’ conditions prevent them from getting traditional skincare. Now, I can help these patients look their best and feel more confident, just when they need it the most!

Cancer touches so many. . .

Ribbon Colors depend on the type of cancer.

The National Cancer Institute estimates there will be over 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed this year. Approximately 38% of men and women will be diagnosed with some type of cancer during their lifetime. Currently there are an estimated 15 million people in the US living with some form of cancer. Treating the whole person is essential to recovery. That includes treating the disease as well as the impacts on the mind and body.

That includes specialized skincare. Certified for Cancer Patients. . .

I am now certified in Oncology Spa Solutions.

This means that I am trained to help provide some relief, ease symptoms, and help minimize skin reactions in people living with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Oncology-trained aestheticians have a unique skill allowing them to understand how to safely, effectively, and compassionately treat the skin of cancer clients. We seek to approach skin care and other spa related treatments with a heightened level of sensitivity to the condition of those affected by cancer and cancer treatment. My training provides me with the knowledge of how to modify my spa treatments and insure a safe outcome for clients. Since each client has unique circumstances and may respond differently to cancer and cancer treatments, I design individualized care protocols for each client so I can meet their specific needs.

How skin reacts to cancer treatments. . .

A person’s skin is almost always affected during cancer treatments. Rashes, itching, dryness, and loss of elasticity are common side effects of many cancer treatments. These conditions may be painful, affect your appearance and contribute to the overall challenge of the condition. Chemotherapy can make the skin more prone to sunburn and sensitivity. Radiation thins the skin and can cause burns. My skills and NOSI skincare products are the perfect remedy. Before starting any skincare protocol, please check with your doctors first and make sure it’s okay to receive skincare treatments.

Protect, Heal, and Hydrate. . .

Use a clean, soft towel to pat dry your skin.

One goal is to protect, heal and hydrate the skin as it recovers from cancer treatments. It’s important to use oncology-safe products, such as the ones offered by NOSI skincare. Rely on simple, gentle, moisturizing creams and lotions for sensitive skin. Avoid parabens, harsh ingredients, and synthetic fragrances. Also, avoid loofahs, harsh scrubs and exfoliants. Don’t rub or brush the skin. Instead, pat the skin dry using a clean, soft cloth. And of course, always use sunscreen. Physical sunscreen is a better choice than chemical sunscreen for those with sensitive or compromised skin. Look for Ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide versus all the other ingredients that are in chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens often contain fragrances and dyes which can cause dryness and irritation.

Skincare to soothe and repair. . .

Start with a gentle cleanser like my NOSI Mandarin Acai Cleansing Crème. The sunflower seed oil has smoothing properties. Skin feels like it is soft and dewy, not dry and tight like other cleansers. NOSI’s Citrus Smoothing Moisturizer provides super-hydration and protection while it repairs and nourishes the skin. It contains tomato and tangerine oil plus hawthorne berry extract, making it perfect for daily use Tomato and tangerine oil provide vitamin C and prevent excessive water loss from dehydration. At the same time, hawthorne berry extract has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce itching and redness. Another gentle skincare option is a healing mask using soothing and anti-bacterial ingredients found in most kitchens. . .

Living Green Mask

1 Tablespoon of green tea powder.

½ teaspoon Manuka Honey

½ teaspoon plain, organic yogurt

Combine all ingredients in bowl and mix to a smooth paste.

Gently apply to a clean face using finger tips in a circulation motion. Leave on for 5 and up to 10 minutes. Splash with tepid water and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.This mask will help to soothe skin damaged from cancer treatments and make you feel soft and smooth again.

Here to help. . .

Better educated leads to better treatment. Better treatment leads to better recovery for the body, mind and spirit. Check out my recent blog, Caring for Skin Compromised by Cancer for more helpful information.

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and I’m always available for a personal consultation on this or any skincare topic. For anyone with friends and family members suffering from the side effects of cancer treatments, the gift of a facial by a certified oncology trained aesthetician can provide a relaxing and pleasurable break from a challenging time in their lives. 

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