About Us

Donna Mansbart launched her results-oriented skin care line in 2016 under the name, Nirvana Oasis Spa and re-christened it NOSI Skincare in 2018. “From the time I started working on the line, my focus was to create products made from natural and organic ingredients. I won’t allow fillers or chemical additives in any of my products,” says Donna.

Clients benefit from Donna’s attention to quality with great, natural looking skin. NOSI Skincare offers a boutique line of skin care products that are specially formulated to protect against aging and restore a youthful, healthy glow to all skin types. Each cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and product designed to work on the delicate skin around the eyes is made in small batches to ensure peak freshness. “I work directly with the chemists and lab technicians on every batch to control the process and ensure freshness. Having this access ensures every product I ship delivers the results my clients demand.”

NOSI Skincare is proud to be the first Florida-based retailer of Healium Hair Care products. Helium starts with a base made from 25 botanicals for healthy hair and scalp. They contain natural UV protection so vibrant color shines longer. All Healium products are virtually weightless and water soluable so there’s never any build-up. All that’s left is shiny, healthy hair! “When people look their best they naturally have more confidence. And that confidence will help them achieve more success, contribute more to their communities and experience more satisfaction in life. Helping people look their best is what Nosi Skincare is all about,” says Donna.