Mandarin Acai Cleansing Creme
Mandarin Acai Cleansing Creme
Mandarin Acai Cleansing Creme

Mandarin Acai Cleansing Creme

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What is it for:

• Cleansing

• Keeping away bacteria

• Detoxify

Use it:

Minimum twice daily or more depending on your life style. Wet hands, face and neck; emulsify a small amount of cleanser in your hands, massage in circular motion on face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Mandarin Balancing Toner.

Best Results:

Instant. Continued use will have a healthy effect on your skin and its pores

How it works:

Experience the protective benefits and unique DNA shielding system found within this nourishing Vitamin C, Beta Hydroxy cleanser. Ideally suited to those looking for added support against environmental factors. This bioactive formula also contains anti-oxidant Acai, Raspberry, Cranberry, and Citrus which energizes devitalized skin. Sunflower seed oil has smoothing properties and is considered noncomedogenic and aids in keeping away bacteria. This cleansing crème is packed with natural ingredient to cleanse without stripping the skins mantle of vital nutrients. Skin feels like it is soft dewy and breathing not tight, itchy and dry like other cleansers leave you feeling.

Your Benefits:

Helps to keep wrinkles at bay and keeps your skin looking youthful Keeps bacteria away from your skin Nourishes your skin Cleanses without stripping.